Coffee Table Top | Easy Clean Square Coffee Table

Coffee Table Top | Easy Clean Square Coffee Table

1. Easy daily clean, antibacterial
2. Available for custom shape of table top
3. 24-hour online service
4. Available for customization



Jialifu coffee table top, in high grade laminate material, not only can enjoy the long useful life, but is easy to clean, extremely popular by catering use. Besides of square shape, Jialifu also offers custom service as other shapes.

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Color Option (coffee table top color rangecolor range.pdf)

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Edge banding

Three kinds of edge for your choice, respectively, they are arris edge, beveled eade, round edge.

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Product Process

All the coffee table tops have to be examined through rigorous system of inspection before leaving the facory, to make sure perfect goods when received by customers. However, if the goods is damaged when received by customers. Don't worry. The overlong period of warranty Jialifu provides will meet with your needs.

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Additional information


Compact laminate board




coffee house, restaurant, bar, etc