Z Locker Manufaxturers | Z Style Lockers

Z Locker Manufaxturers | Z Style Lockers

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3. Certificate support: CE, SGS, Intertek, ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008
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Z locker is particularly designed to storage shirt, coat, long-dress, uniform, avoiding folds; or to storage sport equipment like battledore, golf club, etc. Z style lockers are made of compact laminate panels, with good performance on water, fire, moisture resistance. Moreover, according to a rigorous inception system, laminate panel won't be distorted if it suffer high impact. Jialifu, a laminate locker manufacturer since 2001, can meet different needs of you, ranging from natural features such as water, fire, moisture, impact resistance, to offering service like overlong warranty, 24-hours online service, and so on. 

Lock Option


Color Option  (Jialifu color chart for Z lockerscolor range.pdf )

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Z Shape Locker Overview

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Project Overview

Product Name Project Nation Amount
Z Locker
East Aluminum Hotel Bahrain 144 sets
Z Type Lockers Pro Gym Fitness Mozambique 152 sets
Z Style lockers
General Organisation for Youth and Sports Bahrain  116 sets
Z Shaped Lockers Derrimut 24:7 Gym Australia 64 sets

Product Process

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Company Introduction

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     JIALIFU is one of brands of Guangdong Yuhua Building Materials Co. Ltd.. Jialifu has engaged in Z lockers for 16 years, with solid strength, including plant area of 3000 square meters, 6 production lines, 26 sets of machines, employees over 70. Every product has to be checked out seriously before leaving factory. Through rigorous inception system, it will decrease greatly the risk of receiving defective goods for customers.

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